Oxyelite Pro Review: Does it really work?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

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Oxy Elite Pro results for women

A real review from a real person, discussing my real results.

Some quick introductory information: This is my first product review. I'm a 20 year old college kid. I'm choosing to write my first review because I know supplements can be a costly mistake if they don't work well or you don't like them, and I'd hope to help someone out.

I have bought OxyElite Pro Super Thermo Dietary Supplement two times, almost a year apart. The first time I was more interested in something to provide energy to power through a 17 hour course load and workouts. The second time I was more interested in the weight loss it provided me the first time.

Pros: I found it helped me lose weight relatively quickly but only because I had some "extra" weight - I was about ten pounds above what seems to be my body's "natural" weight. It provided consistent energy throughout the day (I made sure to follow the usage directions closely). It suppressed my appetite somewhat. It was superior to another somewhat similar product I used. In general, I got the results it promised.

Cons: The weight loss plateaued. Like I said, I was above my body's "natural" weight when I initially used the product and once I hit that point the weight loss pretty much ended. It provided energy and didn't make me jittery, unless I used another product with caffeine. If I drank something with caffeine after using this pill I would get hot flashes and feel jittery and shaky. I also found that if I took the second pill past 2:30 in the afternoon, I would have trouble sleeping at night. I didn't see much appetite suppression but I already eat well, in proper proportions, and several small meals and snacks a day - if I ate much less than I do now, I think it would be a bit unhealthy. When you first start it, it isn't the most enjoyable experience (I figured out how to counter this the second time I started a cycle and will discuss that below). Also, I live in a hot place and I found during the summer and early fall I would sweat more than usual. This didn't really bother me too much but may bother some other people. It's a bit pricey, but since I am in college what is "pricey" to me may not be the same as other people.

For me personally, the benefits outweigh the costs. There are a useful few things I have discovered over two cycles (more separated than the recommended regime). If you decide to use this product, be sure to follow the usage guidelines really closely. The first time I started it, I didn't realize the kind of effects it would have and started on a weekday and I was very miserable. I felt woozy and hot and had a headache. The second time, I knew it would be better to ease in - I took one pill a day for the first 3 or 4 days, and also started on a Saturday when I didn't have to really do anything. Stay very hydrated. When I felt comfortable, I bumped up to 2 a day like the product recommends. I would also recommend towards the end siphoning off and not just stopping "cold turkey." I did that the first time, and felt groggy for a few days. The initial adverse physiological effects faded for me, although like I said I was more sensitive to hot weather and did sweat more during workouts.

Like I said, the weight loss hit a plateau once I lost my "extra" weight and returned to the weight I typically am at. If you have already reached your own personal plateau through weight loss and dieting, then this may not be worth your money. The initial weight loss was very quick for me, and also plateaued quickly. I lost 7 pounds the first week, but only 2 the second, and it wasn't until a month in (with regular exercise and eating well) that I lost that final pound and returned to my normal, healthy weight. Then I didn't lose any more weight. The same sort of thing happened the second time as well.
The effects on my energy never faded or plateaued. I also rarely drink things with caffeine. Maybe if you consume a lot of energy-providing things already, it may not have an effect. I'm not sure. I was making it through usually 3 lectures a day, writing assignments, commuting to and from campus, homework, reading, workouts, whatever I had and made it through the day with energy to do everything and also sleep about 8 hours a night. That was really nice, and helped me stay on top of a busy semester.

I also tried a "lighter" weight loss and energy providing pill that was less expensive - GNC Lean Burn 60. It had very little effect on my energy and didn't cause any weight loss. So I would argue that OxyElite Pro is worth the additional money because it did much better than a cheaper, somewhat similar product. However, it is not a miracle pill by any means, and if you are already very in shape I am not sure if it would really effect anything. It only seemed to have an effect when I was out of shape, and it did help me get back in shape faster. Overall, I would recommend to at least try this product.
(Loren Rose)

Great product

Hi what's up today is day 3 on the Oxyelite pro. I got it right here.

Today, I went to the gym, ran on the treadmill, did the eliptical, lifted some weights, overall got a pretty work out in. I'm still taking 2 tablets in the morning before I eat breakfast, and 1 in the afternoon around 2 o'clock, got a good work out in around 7 and came home around 9.

I did weight myself, and I'm at 329 which means 6 pounds weight loss and I'm assuming that water weight, I don't really know if it's fat but we'll see. So yeah, it's going pretty good. I work second shift in that extra pill in the afternoon gives me a boost at work and everything. so, oxyelite pro is going pretty good, great product.

(Steve Clark)

I'm seeing good results

I want to talk again about oxyelite pro. I take that for a good month. it's a must supply. I bought this in February all the way up to March 20th. For me, it's kind of messed up because I don't work out a lot, my training was just ok, I don't work out like I supposed to.
My nutrition was good. I took this continuously for a good month, and I did have cheat meals in and out. Honestly this works. I lost 25 pounds, from 217 to about 188. It worked for me, remember I didn't train hard, of course I play basketball for some cardio but it's a phenomenal product. It's a oxyelite pro by UPS Labs. It did a miracle for me. I have some friends who are taking it, and they see good results too. I'm going to buy this product again and keep you updated with my progress. Nice to meet you. Peace..



  • ashley roberts

    hey i been taking oxyelite pro for 3 weeks i gained 1 pound i workout for 30 minutes every morning when i started i was 234 now 236 wat am i doing wrong?

  • Rachel Harvey

    Ashley I have taken oxy elite pro off and on for two years and I went from home300 to child130 by eating right excercizing and taking oxy elite pro if you don't drink a lot of water you will see that the weightloss will not be as rapid also plz do remember muscle weights more than fat

  • enisa rahimic

    i went from 340 to 190 in 7 months

  • haseeb Ahmed

    i am almost 250 and i started that today will share results in furture.. guys whish me luck.. i drink almost 3 liters water daily and i work out every morning... wihs me luck every onee... i am goin to get married this Dec.

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